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Essential Oils Cebu Philippines - How to buy Money Magnet oils online? Well, there are certainly a lot of available shops that we can order and purchase but how to choose the authentic one? That is the question that we also need to ask ourselves. Here in Cebu, our partner brand, AROMANTICO has a product called HAUTE BOURGEOISIE which is a money magnet roller blend. It is a French word that means "upper class".

We are proud to introduce this money magnet roller blend, Haute Bourgeoisie by Aromantico. It is now available in shopee for those buying outside Cebu city.

Money Magnet from Aromantico


Buying Money Magnet Oils

If located outside Cebu city, please order through our shopee account,  Money Magnet Shopee Ph.

Now for those residents in Cebu City, there is a pick up option for Aromantico products. It will save you the delivery cost. Address is in Lahug, Cebu city. All you need is order by clicking the menu tab on top labeled BUY OILS.  So that easy. However, let us get to know the essential oil ingredients on this money magnet.

Aromantico has a resident NAHA-approved Certified Aromatherapist and a Doterra Certified Essential Oil Specialist that formulates the special blend of aromatherapy products. This will guarantee all buyers of Aromantico essences that it is made only from pure essential oils.

Money Magnet Recipe

Before using the money magnet roller blend or perfume, it is important that we do a skin patch test to check for allergic reactions and skin sensitization like redness, blisters, itchiness, rashest, etc. It has to be observed within 24 hours. All we need is put a single drop or roll on our open elbow, cover it with a band aid, and wait for hours if there are any skin reactions. If none, it is safe to use.

The ingredients found in Aromantico's Haute Bourgeoisie are orange, lemon, tea tree, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, geranium, balsam fir, ginger, frankincense, cedarwood, ylang ylang and copaiba. The carrier oil used is fractionated coconut oil at 2% dilution of the master blend.

Please note of the essential oils mentioned above if you are not allergic to one of those. Else, you can't use the money magnet blend. 

This website is advocating on the safety and proper use of essential oils and products. Do not push yourself to try if you have known allergic reactions to any of the 13 essential oils mentioned above.

charged in a crystal grid to amplify its effects


So what is a money magnet oil?

This is used by someone to channel abundance, luck, money, prosperity and wealth to their life. How? literally, it is applied like a regular roller perfume on the wrists, open elbows, back of ears and neck. 

It is a tool that serve as a manifestation to any desired goals or results. However, one main thing to remember in applying the money magnet roller blend is, it doesn't work like a get rich quick scheme.  To expect something in return, you have to give out something. The law of the universe is very clear on the give-and-take relationship. Certainly, you have to act on it. The goals you have to set should be realistic as well and it should be achievable. If you are a believer of the LAW OF ATTRACTION, this is it!

One tip is you set a mantra or a positive affirmation on what you want to achieve in life. While applying the money magnet perfume, say those affirmations. It will help to keep you going with whatever intentions you have. Make sure it is positive and for the greater good.

Let us check the profiles of the essential oils used in this special blend:

Orange - because of its uplifting aroma, it helps you get ready during the day and keep you inspired to what works for you. It is a top note and has a very happy scent. Definitely, a catalyst for joy.

Lemon - it is another citrus oil that has a refreshing and zesty aroma. It is definitely invigorating.  It can give you a sense of focus and motivation. You all need this to achieve whatever you desire.

Tea Tree - this is the essential oil from the Melaleuca tree. It has a refreshing aroma and is known for its deodorizing and cleansing properties. It can deter mental block issues so it allows you to think clearly ahead on your strategies and take action with your plans. 

Clove - this is a warming oil and definitely would remind you of the rich holiday celebrations. It would also create an inviting atmosphere where it sets you at a comfortable space. It will keep you on your feet rather than thinking too much. 

Cinnamon - it has that sweet and spicy vibe of  Christmas season which is a colorful, happy and bright holiday event for everyone.  It is something to keep you see the brighter side of things and be positive and hopeful. 

Black Pepper -the soft floral scent and spiciness of it gives you an herbaceous undertones. Using it during the day brings you energy and stamina to fulfill your goals. 

Geranium - because of its pleasant and uplifting aroma, it is something that creates a peaceful balance to your emotions. It is used in ancient times to drive off negative energies. When using the money blend, you only need to affirm positive thoughts to return you a reflection of it.

Balsam Fir - it is very soothing and calming, again, just like geranium, it is loved by many for its emotional balancing effects. It is good grounding oil as well as very empowering too. It can stimulate your mind and body that can be appeasing and relaxing to you.

Ginger - a lot may not like the aroma of it, but it has a very warm and energizing scent. It increases your bio-electric energy which is essential in channeling abundance and prosperity. It has an uplifting scent quality as well.

Frankincense - it is definitely a good grounding oil and is also known as the king of essential oils. It facilitates your intention for spiritual connectedness. Can be meditative and has an empowering aroma too. You will feel elevated with it along with your higher self. After all, you have to think great and big things, right?

Cedarwood - an oil often used for relaxing and calming the mind. It neutralizes the odors in a given space and it also helps you block negative influences to affect your goals. Definitely, it has soothing aroma to bring you focus as well.

Ylang Ylang - because of its sweet and floral romantic aroma, it is often linked to luxury. It can help transform negative energies into a more positive tone. The essential oil alone gives you confidence already.

Copaiba - it is known as an amplifier. It's aroma is sweet and is also comforting. It can help elevate your mood and combat stress. When you are leading to success in life, often times, there is an attached stress into it. This essential oil help you manage it. But having it on the blend can definitely amplify the effect of the other oils.

What is unique with this Money Magnet from Aromantico?

Aside from it is formulated by a certified essential oil specialist and a qualified aromatherapist in the Philippines, the finished product is also charged through a special money crystal grid to amplify its effects. Video down below.

Smell like a million bucks! This money magnet roller blend is a nice perfume to wear to channel all positivities you  wish in life. 



*This article is written with confidence by a Certified Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Specialist.


Our Certified Aromatherapist supports the suggestions above are safe given the quantities of the essential oils.  DO NOT EXCEED dosage to what's been recommended above. As unique as we all are, some essential oils or blends might work for you, some may not work for others. Each will have a different experience. So please take note and experiment "safely" on what works for you.

Should you be seeking medical cure or treatment, please contact a doctor immediately and refer to their prescribed medications.

The use of essential oils whether aromatically, topically or internally is NEVER a cure to illnesses or diseases. It should not be intended for use in the mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.  It is just supplementary or complementary to orthodox medicines. And is dependent to the client's wishes to use the Holistic Approach in healing.

Any products or brands mentioned above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

If unsure or in doubt about what essential oils to use, always consult or refer to a Certified Essential Oil Specialist here.

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