Authentic Money Magnet Essential Oils Philippines


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Essential Oils Cebu Philippines - How to buy Money Magnet oils online? Well, there are certainly a lot of available shops that we can order and purchase but how to choose the authentic one? That is the question that we also need to ask ourselves. Here in Cebu, our partner brand, AROMANTICO has a product called HAUTE BOURGEOISIE which is a money magnet roller blend. It is a French word that means "upper class".

We are proud to introduce this money magnet roller blend, Haute Bourgeoisie by Aromantico. It is now available in shopee for those buying outside Cebu city.

Money Magnet from Aromantico


Buying Money Magnet Oils

If located outside Cebu city, please order through our shopee account,  Money Magnet Shopee Ph.

Now for those residents in Cebu City, there is a pick up option for Aromantico products. It will save you the delivery cost. Address is in Lahug, Cebu city. All you need is order by clicking the menu tab on top labeled BUY OILS.  So that easy. However, let us get to know the essential oil ingredients on this money magnet.

Essential Oils Storage and Safety

Play it here or on Spotify or iTunes

Essential Oils Cebu Philippines - In our present time, a lot of people are now interested or shall we say are using essential oils in their day-to-day living. There are many uses of essential oils whether aromatically or therapeutically. However, when information online is too much and can be overwhelming, we have to always remember to exercise safety and err to the side of caution at all times. There are hundreds of essential oils out there and we might not know all of its benefits and use. So, when we encounter one of these new ones, we tend to be overly excited not minding it could put us at risk. 



How to store Essential Oils?