What are Essential Oils?

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Essential Oils Philippines- Contrary to what we know, Essential Oils are not the oils we used to think. It is the liquid byproduct after steam distillation (traditional method) from leaves, flowers, barks, roots, seeds, resins, stems, peelings of a plant. The liquid that is extracted is from the true 'essence' of the plant. They come in a variety of colors and consistency, from a clear, watery texture, to a thick, syrupy and dark.

Most of these aromatic oils are used in what we know today as Aromatherapy.

As you know, Essential Oils (EOs) can be very pricey because of the many factors being considered. These are:

-rarity of the plant
-soil quality, environment conditions and country it came from
-the distilling company and its processes involving the latest technology
-the oil production quantity being extracted
-manpower and logistics

In Aromatherapy, the purest essential oils are blended with each other and are diluted in a carrier oil like jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, or any fatty oils.

This website will introduce a number of blended recipes that you can safely try at home.

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